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Lodges Arverne, between nature, adventure, and culture

Discover the Lodges Arverne, luxury lodges located in Auvergne, in the Puy-de-Dôme (63) between the Corent plateau and the Puy Saint Romain volcano. Experience a unique and complete adventure, surrounded by nature, with comfortable and eco-friendly facilities. Perfect for nature lovers, adventurers, and those passionate about cultural discoveries.


2 people | 20m² | SPA on the elevated terrace


4 people | 40m² | Wheelchair accessible


5 people | 38m² | Private SPA


5 people | 38m²

Our history and philosophy

Personalized welcome and authenticity

Family traditions and spirit

Our family has been present in the village since 1924, when my grandfather, a non-commissioned officer in the Issoire regiment, a war invalid, came with my grandmother to take up a “reserved” job upon the opening of the new Bank of France paper mill.

The philosophy of the Residential Park “Lodges Arverne” is deeply rooted in family traditions and spirit.

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A prime location between river, plain, plateau, and volcanoes

The Residential Leisure Park “Lodges Arverne” extends over an area of 4,000 M² in Longues in the Puy-De-Dôme, bordering a residential area, 5 minutes from the SNCF station, the Bank of France, and 10 minutes from the highway connecting Paris to Montpellier, halfway between Clermont Ferrand and Issoire.

Due to its location, the Residential Leisure Park “Lodges Arverne,” close to the three “Oppidas” of Corent, Gergovie, Gondole,
has a cultural and historical character in our region known for its periods of resistance to invaders.

Innovation and tradition for your taste buds

Enjoy local dining on-site

Our jar catering service is a practical and delicious solution for your meals in our luxury eco-lodges.

We collaborate with a local company that brings all its expertise to the preparation of tasty dishes. The jars are filled with fresh, quality ingredients, carefully cooked to guarantee authentic flavors. With this option, you can enjoy delicious meals without having to worry about preparation. It’s an ideal way to discover local cuisine while enjoying the comfort of your accommodation.

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History, terroir

Our discovery tours

Our tours to book immerse you in the heart of the history and terroir of our region. Explore every aspect of our heritage, from historical sites to culinary traditions. Meet local artisans, discover their expertise… an immersive and captivating experience awaits you.

Discover the Corent plateau, the Puy Saint Romain volcano, the Limagne plain on both sides, the meanders of the Allier river in its last area of rapids before the “lime kilns.”

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