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Experience: Outdoor activities near Lodges Arverne

Discover our Leisure Park, nestled between wilderness and modernity. Choose from various activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, or other options for all levels. Explore remarkable sites and picturesque nearby villages. Enjoy panoramic views and unique environments to connect with nature. Complete your day with museum visits, local product tastings, and other cultural activities. We provide safety recommendations, necessary equipment, and weather information. Detailed maps and guides are available to plan your adventures. Experience authentic encounters with locals and discover local traditions. End your day with dining suited to your needs.

Hiking, VTT….(Mappys)

Water (via Allier)

Local services (Horse riding, Swimming pool, tennis…Golf)
Swimming pool

Experience: Heritage and cultural riches nearby

The residents of our village discover the Residential Park Lodges Arverne with amazement. No one imagined that such an isolated place could offer vacations or family or professional stays so close to home.

Arvernie with its 3 oppidums and archaeological sites to visit in one or several days (Corent, Gondole, Gergovie) offers a dive into the history of the first Arverne resistants against Roman occupation and other significant periods, especially during German occupation.

The Archaeological Museum of the Battle of Gergovie

The characterful villages are unique, each with their easily recognisable traditional architecture, picturesque streets and historical monuments… By visiting these villages of La Comté (Plauzat, Montpeyroux, Usson), you will discover our local traditions and anecdotes related to each place.

Small towns of character

Most beautiful villages in France

Immerse yourself in the lifestyles, terroirs, and flavors by exploring the surroundings of the park, bordered by water, forests, and volcanoes. Meet our artisans and their creations, our farmers, and their typical regional products, cheeses like Saint Nectaire, Fourme d’Ambert, Bleu d’Auvergne, culinary specialties such as truffade, stuffed cabbage, and many other delicious dishes.

Gastronomy in Clermont-Ferrand

Experience : Major tourist sites

On a larger scale, decide to visit the highlights of our region to have a complete and attractive vision of Auvergne. Realize the diversity and richness of this magnificent French region in all its dimensions, from the smallest to the largest, always starting from your secondary home: Lodges Arverne.

Volcanoes, Vulcania, and majestic natural landscapes, Regional Natural Park of the Auvergne Volcanoes, its diversity of fauna and flora, its available outdoor activities (free flight, hot air ballooning, climbing…) The Puy de Dôme, the Puy de Sancy, and the Cantal. Spectacular landscapes with their craters, crater lakes (Lac Pavin), and green valleys (Chaudefour), perfect for hiking, climbing, and winter sports.


Volcan of Lemptegy
Panoramic view of Dôme

Historical and architectural heritage with our region’s historical and architectural treasures, such as Romanesque churches (Clermont Cathedral), medieval castles (Murol), and pilgrimage sites, picturesque villages.

Thermalism and well-being have made Auvergne famous, such as Vichy, Royat-Chamalières, and La Bourboule, the benefits of thermal waters.

Sancy sector – The Mountain summer-winter
Tourist office
Murol Castel
Alpine ski resort :
Super Besse
Le Mont Dore

Interactive experience: mark your calendars!

You can choose your routes by synchronizing your curiosity and desires with local, departmental, or regional events and festivities: how to stay informed about cultural events and festivities that take place in the villages throughout the year, such as folk festivals, music festivals, craft markets, gastronomic fairs, or religious celebrations, our partnerships with tourism offices and Mond’Arverne will provide you access to this data.

Discover Mond'Arverne